..... first post 


Why do I feel so nervous writing this post? As if when I hit publish the entire world will read it. A possibility, but extremely unlikely. So, let me begin by getting these feelings out.

I am an apprentice in this life. I am always making mistakes, learning, and then doing it all over again. I've had a few websites, social media pages, and various endeavours that have been mediocre at best. I admit it. Nice ideas but nothing stuck. But it wasn't for a lack of passion, I just crumbled thinking of the invisible expectations I imagined and fell flat to the overwhelming pressure I put on myself, resulting in some serious fear and anxiety even before making the next move. 

Well I've had enough and this is my moment, yes that is what I'm telling myself! 
So without further ado.. 


I'm really excited to finally have created this online space for me to share all the ups and downs, dreams and failures as I continue to pursue my art career. Sketches, paintings, thoughts, quotes, and adventures all here for you follow. As any human on this planet, I have emotions and experiences, that also feed into my artwork, so these topics may come up as well. Who knows where this will take me ! That's really where all the fun is, the unknown. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back to see what I've been up too soon. 

Keep Creating


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