Sketch A Day

Hello World!

In an effort to get my drawing hand moving I started a Sketch A Day challenge in my 2018 Agenda. It was really simple, the bottom space of each page had a section for Notes, I decided to fill this space with a sketch. I found it really helpful to keep my mind focused on creating and exploring materials. Some sketches were simple, some a little more time consuming, but all of them were fun. Little pressure and little successes. Here are the cropped images. Each space was 3"-5" x 2.5", depending if there was was a mini calendar on the page.

I love looking at the overall progression. Things started out really basic, black fine liner, simple lines, and soon progressed to much more colour, material, and cropping experiments. I may continue with this challenge, but I am also playing with the idea of moving it to a new medium. Watercolour A Day anyone?


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